More Information About Vicky

1933 Vicky asked the Department of Commerce to change her address from the Roosevelt Field to Hotel Shelton in San Francisco. She lived in one address after another. Another record stated that she lived with her sister-in-law Mrs. Lee Florsheim. Another address was 420 Addison. Then she lived at 420 Diversey in Chicago. She lived with my dad at 3923 Frontier.

Her last address was Victorine Lederer % General Delivery, Juneau, Alaska. listed her work as a waitress in that city. I really don’t know the truth.My family told me that she had a flying school in Juneau. I hope to find out more information from the Juneau Historical Museum. I will add more to this blog as I find out more.

So many mysteries about Vicky. Maybe I’ll unravel some more about Vicky. If not Vicky will remain a wonder mystery to me.

Vicky’s Travels


This is the iconic Tower of Pisa, Italy. What a thrill for her to be there. It was built in 1173 and there are 296 steps to reach the tower. In Niles, Illinois there is a replica and it was built in 1934. There are no steps but it stills is beautiful. It attracts many visitors who have never been to Italy. Behind the tower is the YMCA which I have been a member but I never looked at the tower till now. It’s wonderful to have this unique structure near me. Next time you are in Italy or Illinois I hope you have a chance to see these towers. 




Where was Vicky going?

Vicky is pictured on a boat but I don’t know where she is headed. Love the shorts! She really was a cutie! Maybe she is looking through a sextant to chart the course of her trip. Weird! Where would she learn to use it? Such a interesting picture to me. Are those women spats she’s wearing? Spats in the 20’s were a sign of wealth so it is fitting that Vicky wore this footwear. Spats were mostly worn by men but some women wore them too. Vicky ever the fashionista. Even when Vicky was broke she acted like she was still wealthy. That’s why my mom didn’t like her. When she ran out of money she flopped at my mom and dad’s home.

In this picture she wanted to show the world that she was wealthy. Why not! I guess she was having fun traveling and getting away from the sadness when her husband walked out.

I wonder how I can love someone I barely knew. I guess I want the life I think she had. I love to have fun and learn and learn. FUN is the best word in the English language. Everyone should have more FUN!

Pictures from Vicky’s Travels


Every picture Vicky is wearing a Cloche and and a fur coat. Taken outside maybe waiting for her dinner. Somebody must have taken this picture. Don’t know who. Of course, this is the Leaning Tower of Pissa.

I wish I knew my aunt in this period. It seems so exciting.  Vicky was probably running away from sadness. I believe it wasn’t exciting for her. I keep thinking of the movie “The Great Gatsby” It wasn’t like that for most people. To me Vicky was strong and so glamorous. I love her more with every post I write!

Queen Bess..Bessie Coleman

Image result for bessie coleman

Bessie Coleman was a unique woman. She was born in 1902 in a small town in Texas. She started out as a poor Black woman who picked cotton so her family could survive. It was not long till she became the first black woman pilot. Bessie Coleman, “Queen Bess,” was the first black woman pilot.There were many hurdles that she had to overcome before she was able to get her license. In the 1920’s there were no pilots that would train a black person. Bessie was not only black but a woman. Men thought that women sure didn’t belong in a plane. There were many hurdles that she had to overcome before she was able to get her license. In the 1920’s there were no pilots that would train a black person…especially a woman. 

Bessie was fortunate to meet Robert Abbott, the founder of the Chicago Defender newspaper. Bessie told him that she wanted to be a pilot but no one would teach her how to fly. Mr. Abbott suggested she go to France where race didn’t matter like it did in the U.S. Bessie even learned that there was an American black man named Eugene Bullard that learned to fly in France. There was even a French woman named Raymonde de Laroche that also was a pilot. Bessie was so excited. Maybe, she could learn to fly too.

She went to France received her licence. When she returned to America , she was hailed as a hero. Imagine, poor Bessie became the first black woman pilot.  Bessie wanted to give back to other women to encourage them to reach for the stars. She decided to start a school where she could train women to fly.


Public library in Chicago named after Bessie

Memorial plaque placed at Chicago Cultural Center

Flowers dropped during flyovers at her grave site in Lincoln Cemetery near Chicago 

Bessie Coleman Drive near O’hare Airport

Bessie scholarship awards to high school students that wanted to learn to fly

Stamp issued in her honor in 1995

2006 inducted in the Aviation Hall of Fame

  Bessie never realized her dream to open flying school but she did receive many honors. In 1926 she was killed in a plane crash in Florida. Her memorial service was attended by 5,000 people. All over the world people were devastated by the news that their “Queen Bess” had died.

  In 1930 the Bessie Coleman Aero Club was formed to honor her. In the coming years Bessie inspired many black women to reach for the stars.

  Today there are few women pilots and fewer black women that are pilots but those numbers are increasing. This is due to Bessie Coleman blazing the path for future pilots.The organization. Women in Aviation International ( is very supportive of women in every area of aviation. I urge women to join this fine group of strong women. Another place to support is the International Women’s Air and Space Museum in Cleveland.( I had the pleasure of visiting this museum. Tour the museum and look at the past and present of Women in Aviation.

  I want to encourage women fly like an eagle and realize your dreams. Don’t let anything stop you.








More About Me

I have been thinking a lot about my About page. It really describes me. Years ago, I began to doodle when I waited in doctors offices. Each doodle looked somewhat the same but I added different motivational statements next to the doodle. I am not an artist but the doodles made me feel good. I could create something. I always could sing and write but drawing was another story. Maybe, I’m more artistic than I ever thought. The words were so positive but I didn’t always believe what I wrote. I just I couldn’t stay positive. Anybody who says their positive ALL the time is a liar. It’s so hard but not impossible to STAY POSITIVE.

I have over one hundred doodles and some are great some are fair and some are terrible…like my posts. I hope readers of my blog believe that ALL of my stories are GREAT. 

I have written about strong women maybe their strength has rubbed off on me. Maybe, I am strong too.  

Bert Acosta…Vicky’s Partner?

the autograph says: “Dearest Vicky” all the best of luck-Yours Bert

I found a picture of Bert Acosta in my aunt’s memorabilia. He is in a plane with a note to Vicky. I think he was my aunt’s partner but I don’t know for sure. I know that he was a well-known pilot in the San Francisco area in the 30’s. This one of the places that Vicky flew. So it could be true that they had a flying school in the 30’s. I wish I knew more about their relationship.  He was born in Alameda, California where Vicky participated in the first ground to air refueling. All I can do is write about him from Ancestry.Com and from stories about him from the internet. Even if he wasn’t Vicky’s partner he is an interesting person to know.

I am listing Berta Acosta’s achievements even though he probably wasn’t Vicky’s partner. Obviously, Vicky knew him or knew about him. I say that the women pilots should be a household name. Same goes for male pilots. Bert Acosta is known by few today. He should be. That’s why I am writing about him.


  • 1917 test flew open-cockpit planes
  • 1918 surveyed and mapped first airmail routes
  • 1920 laid first Airmail route from new York to San Francisco
  • 1920 delivered the first Transcontinental Airmail in record time 36 hours
  • 1921 won the Pulitzer Trophy Race
  • 1921 record airspeed of 176.9 miles per hour
  • 1927 Brook world and U.S. endurance record with rClarence Chamberlin (51 hous 25 seconds)
  • 1927 Record setting War
  • 1936 head of Yankee Squadron in the Spanish Civil War

Acosta earned the nickname of “Bad Boy of the Air” because he tried flying under the Whitemore Memorial Bridge on Long Island He was fined and lost his license.

Vicky’s partner maybe? I doubt it but the picture and signature are really interesting. What a couple they might have been.I say that the women pilots should be a household name. Same goes for male pilots. Bert Acosta is known by few today. He should be. That’s why I am writing about him.