More facts about Vicky’s Flying Days

In 1933 Vicky asked the Department of Commerce to change her address from Roosevelt Field Hotel. This was adjacent to the flying field. It is confusing whether Vicky learned to fly at Roosevelt Field or another school. I do know that she had a pass a temporary pass to the air field. This hotel is for pilots that flew out of the field. It was Lindbergh’s field and Amelia’s. I don’t know if Vicky knew them but I’m sure they influenced her. They became icons that influenced pilots that came after them.The Department of Commerce stated that she flew 57 hours and 35 minutes.Another record stated that she lived with my aunt, her sister-in-law at 534 Addison. Then she moved to 420 Diversey Parkway. She lived at so many places. Medical records from 1937 listed she was living with my dad at 392 Frontier.In the last her address was listed as Vicky Lederer % General Delivery, Juneau, Alaska. listed that Vicky’s worked as a waitress in Juneau. My family told me that Vicky had a flying school in that city. I don’t know the truth. I hope to get more information from the Juneau Historical Museum.

I will add more information in another post. Vicky’s life was such a mystery to me. I am trying to find the truth. If I don’t her life will remain an interesting mystery.

Was Vicky happy?

I imagine she was not happy. Her first marriage ended and then her second husband walked out. I think that she was finally happy when she married her third husband.

When Vicky was with the elite she wasn’t enjoying anything. When she was traveling she still wasn’t happy. Even in her flying days happiness eluded her, It wasn’t until I found the pictures of Vicky with her third husband that I saw her smiling.

Money doesn’t always bring happiness…love does.


My Family

This post will give information about my immediate family and my family further back. It will include myself, my mother, father, uncles, aunts, grandmother, grandfather, my great grandfather.

  1. I was born on March 14, 1946.
  2. My father: Francis Foster Florsheim
  3. My mother: Isabelle (maiden name: Rosenthal)
  4. My brother: Bruce Florsheim
  5. Grandmother on my mothers side: Cora (maiden name Cooper)
  6. Grandmother on my mothers side: Gertrude (maiden name Driarski)
  7. Uncle: Lee Florsheim
  8. Aunt Paula Lucille Hirschfield
  9. Uncle: Lee Florsheim

I have three children and six grandchildren and many cousins.