Vicky’s Travels


This is the iconic Tower of Pisa, Italy. What a thrill for her to be there. It was built in 1173 and there are 296 steps to reach the tower. In Niles, Illinois there is a replica and it was built in 1934. There are no steps but it stills is beautiful. It attracts many visitors who have never been to Italy. Behind the tower is the YMCA which I have been a member but I never looked at the tower till now. It’s wonderful to have this unique structure near me. Next time you are in Italy or Illinois I hope you have a chance to see these towers. 





Where was Vicky going?

Vicky is pictured on a boat but I don’t know where she is headed. Love the shorts! She really was a cutie! Maybe she is looking through a sextant to chart the course of her trip. Weird! Where would she learn to use it? Such a interesting picture to me. Are those women spats she’s wearing? Spats in the 20’s were a sign of wealth so it is fitting that Vicky wore this footwear. Spats were mostly worn by men but some women wore them too. Vicky ever the fashionista. Even when Vicky was broke she acted like she was still wealthy. That’s why my mom didn’t like her. When she ran out of money she flopped at my mom and dad’s home.

In this picture she wanted to show the world that she was wealthy. Why not! I guess she was having fun traveling and getting away from the sadness when her husband walked out.

I wonder how I can love someone I barely knew. I guess I want the life I think she had. I love to have fun and learn and learn. FUN is the best word in the English language. Everyone should have more FUN!

Pictures from Vicky’s Travels


Every picture Vicky is wearing a Cloche and and a fur coat. Taken outside maybe waiting for her dinner. Somebody must have taken this picture. Don’t know who. Of course, this is the Leaning Tower of Pissa.

I wish I knew my aunt in this period. It seems so exciting.  Vicky was probably running away from sadness. I believe it wasn’t exciting for her. I keep thinking of the movie “The Great Gatsby” It wasn’t like that for most people. To me Vicky was strong and so glamorous. I love her more with every post I write!

Maybe I am Vicky

Vicky in her cloche hat and lovely fur

I am watching a DVD about the brave women of the Powder Puff Derby and thinking about my Aunt Vicky. She was not a famous pilot but she must have been very brave. I wonder how my grandparents felt. They must have been so scared for their daughter. I think they must have disapproved. I think about my father and her sister. He probably was worried about his sister.

I wish that I had asked my dad about Vicky. My grandparents died before I was born and I didn’t know Vicky till I was about six years old. When my father died I received Vicky’s memorabilia. I didn’t even know she was a pilot. I was amazed. I began researching about Vicky but I found out that she sure wasn’t in the same category as the women pilots I have profiled. Still she was famous to me. Everything about Vicky fascinated me. She was a small women like several women racers. Then the similarities disappear. Or do they? She flew a plane during the Golden Age of Aviation. Imagine my aunt was famous in my eyes.

I try to think how she became a pilot. My grandparents weren’t rich and no one was adventurous in the family. Yet, Vicky did the unusual.

I believe she became a pilot after her second husband, Ward Lederer, walked out on her. Her husband’s family was wealthy and he was related to William C. Durant, the founded General Motors. The Lederer and the Durant family paid her to stay away from her husband. I think that Vicky used that money to travel around the world. After her travels she became a pilot. Was she running away from sadness or was she an adventurous soul? I will never know but I dream about her often. I am strong and tenacious just like Vicky but I don’t think I am running away from anything. I am running toward new ideas. I guess I am Cindy-Vicky or Vicky-Cindy.

I am happy that I can communicate these feelings to others. Writing is a good outlet for me to say what I can’t say in person.Thank you for this opportunity to tell you about Vicky and about myself. 

I have published another post called Vicky-Cindy and I may publish it again.