The Powder Puff Derby

The All Women’s Air Race in 1929.



Vicky and Air Races

wpid-air-race-ribbon.jpg.jpegVicky and Air Races

In Vickys paraphernalia I found a small ribbon that stated MIAMI ALL AMERICAN AIR RACES. I researched it and found that the date was January 8-10, 1931. I never found any other information. I don’t know if her standing. Obviously, she didn’t win or it would have been documented.

I don’t know if she was in any other races.

The 20’s were a time of air circuses and barnstorming, the 30’s began a time of air races. Before….women weren’t allowed to race with men. I told you about the first all women air race..the PowderPuff Derby. After that women in races were very common.

I have already told you the story of The Powderpuff Derby. I researched women’s air races in the 30’s but found no mention of Vicky. The only thing I found was the ribbon for the Miami air race. I assume that Vicky didn’t enter any races. If yu have any information about Vicky being an air race participant please let me know. Her full name is Victorine Florsheim Lederer.