Biography of Pearl Carter Scott

“Never Give Up!” by Paul Lambert is a wonderful biography about a woman who never stopped her journey through life. Pearl Carter Scott became the youngest pilot in America. The book traces the story of her parents, siblings, and her life as pilot. She started to fly at twelve years old because her father  allowed her to follow her passion and later to be a leader of her Chickasaw Nation.

As aviation historian I found this book well written and the authentic pictures of her family enhanced the story. Each page was full of information about a woman I never knew. I became aware of Pearl from the movie “Pear” that was a fine depiction of Pearl as a strong and unique young girl. The movie tells the story of Pearls early years and how she became a pilot. Her story inspired me to keep writing no matter how long and hard it is for me. Read the book and see the movie and you will be inspired too. I only wish I had contacted her before she died in 2005. 

I will continue to write about unknown women pilots because it is important to bring awareness of these women to the general public and out of the shadows. Please read my next post about women aviators and the culture of the aviation community.

I also will “never give up” in my quest to learn more about my                                            PASSION…AVIATION. 

Look at the world of aviation…past, present and future. Read my ABOUT PAGE and my post MORE ABOUT ME then you will find out why I call myself a PLANE NUT.

                          Wishing You Blue Skies and Calm Winds


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