Book-Cadillac Hotel


Vicky stayed at several addresses during the early part of her life.   One of them was the Book Hotel. In 1917 the name was changed to the Cadillac Hotel located at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Washington Blvd.

It was named after the wealthy Book Brothers of Detroit. It had 1134 guest rooms. With the start of the Great Depression the hotel went into receivership.

During the late 30’s the hotel opened The Cadillac Apartments. The rooms were newly decorated and for living in apartments. The apartments were rented for $60.00 a month. I would think that Vick  lived in one of these apartments. She wasn’t wealthy and seemed to “flop” at different places.

In 1948 the hotel was featured in the movie State of the Union. It a starred Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, and Angela Lansbury.

Skipping to information about World War 11 the Book-Cadillac Hotel was sold  to the Sheraton Corporation for six million dollars. It thrived until 1974 it reopened as the Shelby Hotel. Then it became the Detroit Heritage Hotel. This hotel closed in 1975. I don’t know when Vicky stayed here but I know from my family that she definitely stayed here.






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