Memorabilia from Raymere

Vicky and two unknown people at Rayner

Vicky and Ward

Fourteen room mansion owed by William C. Durant

I will post many pictures from my aunts memorabilia. Again, there are no captions so I will describe the pictures the best I can. Some of these pictures show Vicky and Ward Lederer, her second husband. I will show more pictures of  Vicky and others at Raymere in other posts.

Raymere was designed by Albert Gottlieb in 1909. Originally, it was the Jacob Rothschild estate. It

was later owned by William C. Durant, the founder of General Motors. My aunt was related to

Durant by marriage because her sister-in-law married Durant. Vicky must have had a great time in that mansion. This was the end of the twenties before the start of the Great Depression. I wish I had exact dates but I know that this was extreme opulence.


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