Picture of George LaMonte

George LaMonte

George was Vicky’s third husband. I wish I had known t him.  Vicky seemed happy.

I received many letters from Vicky when I was in college. I have saved everyone. They are very precious to me. I feel a connection with her through them.

George was Vicky’s last husband and she lived out her life in San Diego. I hope that she was content and maybe not running away from sadness in her life. When I was very young I visited her in San Diego. I wish I remembered that trip today because I love her more with each post I write. For me she represented a strong woman. My mother  was a very strong too. It makes me happy me to learn about all strong women and then write about them.  Remember, that some men led the way for women to gain that strength. Yes, some men stopped them… but some strong men led the way. For me my father was one of those strong men. My brother now carries on the tradition in my family. Thank God for my brother to help me along even though I have had many challenges in my life. I have talked about him before that doesn’t describe his strength. How lucky I am. I hope that you recognize that you have strength and overcome your challenges. Men or women read about strong people and let them inspire you.

Many people view my posts I encourage you to also leave a comment. All writers want your opinions.

Blue skies and calm winds to you

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