More About Me

I have been thinking a lot about my About page. It really describes me. Years ago, I began to doodle when I waited in doctors offices. Each doodle looked somewhat the same but I added different motivational statements next to the doodle. I am not an artist but the doodles made me feel good. I could create something. I always could sing and write but drawing was another story. Maybe, I’m more artistic than I ever thought. The words were so positive but I didn’t always believe what I wrote. I just I couldn’t stay positive. Anybody who says their positive ALL the time is a liar. It’s so hard but not impossible to STAY POSITIVE.

I have over one hundred doodles and some are great some are fair and some are terrible…like my posts. I hope readers of my blog believe that ALL of my stories are GREAT. 

I have written about strong women maybe their strength has rubbed off on me. Maybe, I am strong too…not maybe…I am strong


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