Bobbi Trout

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         A tenacious pilot who never quit

Bobbi wore a flying suit that was given to her as a gift. She wore a leather helmet and an electronically heated flying suit.  Amelia admired it so much that she had one designed for herself. What an innovation to protect pilot from the freezing weather at high altitudes.

Bobbi soloed after 10 hours of flight

She won 2nd place in non-refueling endurance record

Completed the Powder Puff Derby but was not timed

2nd to accomplish non-refueling endurance record

Co-founded the Women’s Air Reserve

Honored in 1986 for her contribution in the field of aviation

Bobbi had many challenges in each flight she made. She was determined to complete the the races and achieve the many records. Many times she didn’t make her goals but just attempting these difficult flights was incredible.











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