Edith Foltz

Edith Foltz was a pilot in the Powder Puff Derby who placed second in the race. She also was a charter member of the 99’s. Her aviation activities began before the Powder Puff derby and the 99’s. She and many other early pilots were barnstormers. She learned to fly from her husband who was a was a WWI when he came back from France after the war. He escorted a flying a flying school and she learned quickly and had 230 hours of flight. She became the second women to achieve her transport license. 

Achievements and awards:

  • Barnstormer
  • Placed second light plane category in Power Puff Derby
  • Member of Air Transport Auxiliary
  • Held Commercial license
  • Flight instructor’s rating
  • Logged over 4,000 hours of flight time
  • Taught instrument flying to Naval Cadets
  • Received Kings Medal…Britain’s highest award to foreigners
  • Ferried bombers from U.S. to England
  •  Designed the “Foltz-Up” flying suit…could be worn for flying or other activities
Image result for edith foltz pilot

            The clever Foltz up 




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