Blanche Noyes

Blanche Noyes was a pilot in the Powder Puff Derby. I refer to the women as pilots not women pilots. They wanted to be spoken as equal to men in their abilities. Men weren’t thought of as male pilots so the women thought they shouldn’t be called women pilots. They hated being called flying flappers or that they were in the Powder Puff Derby. The women were determined that they were going to prove that they belonged in the world of aviation as much as men. This race would prove that fact. Blanche was determined to be part of this historic race. She would use every skill that she possessed. She wouldn’t let anything stop her flying.


Co-Pilot with Louise Thaden and came in first in Bendix Air Race…first race where women competed against male pilots

Charter member of 99’s

Demonstration pilot for Standard Oil

 Member of Women’s Committee on Aeronautics

Transport license

Wrote textbooks for air marking and designed air-markers

Worked in World War II lecturing new military pilots


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