Vera Dawn Walker

    Vera was so small she couldn’t touch the rudder pedals she needed to prop herself up so that she could reach them. She was called the “Tiny Texan.” She was  4’11” and weighed all of 97 pounds! 

 Vera always wanted to fly like the birds so it was east to see why she was to enamored by flight. A pilot introduced her to flying and she immediately wanted to learn to fly. In order to take lessons she sold real estate. Reporters asked her why she wanted to fly she replied “because I want to.”

After she learned to fly she became a wing walker and appeared in many movies.

In 1929 she received her department Department of Commerce license. She began doing wing walking and also was an extra in movies. Again in 1929 Vera was a contestant in the Powder Puff Derby where she came in 10th. 

After flying career ended she returned to sell real estate. 

Vera didn’t have as much experience as many of the other pilots in the race but she was a spunky women who knew what she really wanted to do. Flying was her passion.

Vera Dawn Walker wearing her lovely head band


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