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My fun loving aunt

Cindy-Vicky at the controls. I don’t know why they wouldn’t let me fly the plane out of the museum


I am watching a DVD about the brave women of the Powder Puff Derby and thinking about my Aunt Vicky. She was not a famous pilot but she must have been very brave. I wonder how my grandparents felt. They must have been so scared for their daughter. I think they must have disapproved. I think about my father and her sister. He probably was worried about his sister. I wish that I had asked my dad about Vicky. My  grandparents died before I was born and I didn’t know Vicky till I was about six years old. When my father died I received Vicky’s memorabilia. I didn’t even know she was a pilot. I was amazed. I began researching about Vicky but I found out that she sure wasn’t in the same category as the women pilots I have profiled. Still she was famous to me. Everything about Vicky fascinated me. She was a small women like several women racers. Then the similarities disappear. Or do they? She flew a plane during the Golden Age of Aviation. Imagine my aunt was famous in my eyes.

I try to think how she became a pilot. My grandparents weren’t rich and no one was adventurous in the family. Yet, Vicky did the unusual.

I believe she became a pilot after her second husband walked out on her. Her husband’s family was wealthy and he was related to William C. Durant, the founded General Motors. Both families paid her to stay away from her husband. I think that Vicky used that money to travel around the world. After her travels she became a pilot. Was she running away from sadness or was she an adventurous soul? I will never know but I dream about her often. I am strong and tenacious just like Vicky but I don’t think I am running away from anything. I am running toward new ideas. I guess I am Cindy-Vicky or Vicky-Cindy.  

Writing is a good outlet for me to say what I can’t say in person. Thank you for this opportunity to tell you about Vicky and I am happy that I can communicate these feelings to others. Writing is fantastic outlet me.


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