Jerrie Mock


Cynthia Florsheim

You probably never heard of Jerrie Mock but she is the woman who completed the flight around the world that Amelia wasn’t able to finish. Jerrie’s interest in aviation was sparked when she went up in a plane  with her father when she was 7 years old. She told him that she was determined to fly around the world.  

  In 1945 she married  Russell Mock an advertising executive. Soon they had they had three children and Jerri’s life revolved her family. Time passed and she told her husband that she was bored. Russell said “Why don’t you fly around the world.” Jerrie replied “Maybe I will.” This was the beginning of Jerri’s life long hope of completing what Amelia could not.

  In 1958 Jerrie received her pilots license and seven years later began her unique journey around the world.

 Jerrie’s Accomplishments:

First woman to fly around the world/ across both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans.

President Lyndon B. Johnson award for her courageous Received the Federal Gold Medal award for distinguished service in aviation. 

Award from the Institute of Aeronautics for her distinguished service.

Jerrie Mock another strong woman you should know.








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