Why I Don’t Post Each Week

I don’t blog on a regular basis. I am a senior with some mobility challenges but I LOVE WRITING. I had over 3,000 pages of research but now I have cut it down. I am 3/4 finished blogging about my aunt. I have a goal of finishing the information by the first of the year…my Christmas present to you to me. After blogging about Vicky I will write about the many other women who were famous in the era of the 20’s and 30’s. Most people only know about Amelia and don’t realize that there were 99 women pilots in 1929. My goal is to bring these unique women out the shadows. When I started my blog in 1989 there were a few of these 99 still alive. I only wish I had been able to contact them. Now they are all gone. I became acquainted with them when their obituaries were posted on-line. It is sad that these women are not known today. Some were even better pilots in Amelia. I have discussed this in several posts. Amelia was a brave woman and a great pilot but there were so many others that are totally forgotten today.

  • My other goal is to increase my followers and my niche subject. Read my blog follow me if you like it… follow me if you don’t. Leave a comment about your thoughts on my writing. Every writer wants feedback on their work. Please take the time to give me your opinion.

  • For a niche subject I believe I have many followers. I wish to enlarge the blog to write about the men who were the leaders in the Golden Age Of Aviation. These men led the way for the women pilots but they also stopped them from advancing. Many men would not teach women to fly but these brave women pushed their way into the field like the men.

  • After that I will write about the men and women pilots of the Second World War. I hope many are still alive so that I can interview them about their experiences.

This “work” is daunting to most people but for me it’s “a labor of love.” I have more lofty goals that are not obtainable… SO WHAT.

  • Place a product on my blog to make tons of money…or at least a few bucks.

  • Teach seniors computer skills…like playing solitaire. That’s okay if that’s what they want to learn. I’d be proud to teach any skill.

  • Learn to make a video with my phone then go viral on YouTube.

  • Write a historical novel about my aunt.

  • Then write a screenplay from the novel. Don’t know who should play the part of my aunt…any suggestions. I could play that perfectly.

Some of these goals must to be pared down just a little! Dream a little dream!

I am a very driven person who loves to learn new ideas. I joke that I’d like to learn everything about everything! Crazy lady.

 Everyone should be realistic…what me be realistic? Everyone should follow their passion…no matter what age or physical condition. That’s the only way I can live. I hope that the readers of this post will follow their own dreams.


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