Vicky’s Letters to Me

When I was in college Vicky wrote many letters to me. I was very moved by them. This was when Vicky lived in San Diego with her husband George LaMonte.

I had never met George and she spoke very little about him. She seemed very happy and I was thrilled for her. After two failed marriages she seemed content.

She was so encouraging about my academic and social life. I was so touched.  She told me that she prayed for me every night. She wanted those prayers answered.

This letter was written in 1968 and I am glad that her prayers were answered. They were when answered when I received the “Treasure Box” filled with the stories of her life. This blog has changed my life because I know have the confidence in my life to pursue my dreams.

I wish I was with her before she died. She was cremated and I don’t remember my father talking about her death. Even then I knew I loved her. I felt I had a unique relationship with her. I called myself Cindy-Vicky and talked about my feelings in a previous post. I am crying as I let you know my feelings toward this special lady.

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