All letters

Sutfin, Mrs. Helen: 954 Manzita Dr. San Diego, Calif.

Morris, Lawrence, K. : 148 W. 12th St. Del Mar, Calif,Previous address:

Previous address: 5112 Manhasset Dr. San Diego, Calif.

Hildy, Don (Dee) USS. Radford CDD-446 FPO (Field Post Office) 1949-69, stricken by a bullet in 1969.

Pauldin, Mrs. E. 4680 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, Calif.

Odell Enterprises, Inc: 809 Sixth ave. San Diego, Calif. J.O. Jensen Property Manager.

Anderson, Edith: Postal Clerk U.S. Bank 2800 Skyline Dr. Lemmon Grove

Alameda Historical Museum

Ulbrich, William: Pilot for Edna Newcomer

Campana, M.A. 581 Miller Ave. (216) 788-7626

Wilson, D. E.,  5931 Ozark, St. Louis Mo. 64118, (314) 677-3224

Harrington, E.A. 2322 Independence Lane, Madison, Wisc. 53704,

Mr. Dor, 456 N.E. 68th, Kansas City, Mo. 64118,

Fisher, G. 3180 Stonybrook Dr. Dr. Anaheim, Calif. 9280

Oliphant, 1960 Seasons Greetings post card

Odell Enterprises, 809 Sixth Ave. San Diego. Also: 1432 1/2 Rosencrans St. San Diego, Oct. 8th 1969 J.O. Jensen property manager of  Vickys apt building.

Padre Pharmacy 2333 First Ave. Suite 101, San Diego, Calif. 82101

Bartel, Dr. Robert, Thein, Dr. Steven G. Markarian, Dr. Samuel,

2333 First Ave., 92101, 3030 Poe, San Diego, 92106

Repaire, Dr., Webster, Donald, 3247 Passeo Del Campo, Spring Vallley, Calif.

Schuler, Bill, office: 2933 Fenelon, San Diego, Calif.

Farmers Insurance (for George LaMonte) home office: 4860 Wilshire Blvd,

Policy #99-17603680, George 1244 10th Ave. San Diego

Webster, Don, 5485 University Ave. S.D. Calif .

Miller, Eloise Marie, Greenwood Cemetery, 3680 Records supervisor, I-805 Imperial Ave. S.D. 92102

Rowetts X-ray co. 1807 1/2 Gray Ave. Pomona. Calif. (also) 1432 1/2 Rosecrans, S.D. 92106

Auto contract for George: Volvo, Farmers Insurance, Curran & Herrington

Southwestern Motors

International Importing Bead & Novelty Co. (Still in existence) 17

Canjon Blvd. 1244 10th Ave.

Ruble, Beatrice, 6022 N. Wolcott,

Battenfield, Sk. 7309 Carmenita Rd. LaMesa, 92041,

Edgecombe, George, Boulder, Wisc. Executive Air Service

Anderson, Howard, 117 N. Gina,  other address: 2467 N. Lincoln,  State St.

818 Stevens Bldg. Chicago, Il 60602 (established in 1918) Don’t know if Vicky owned the store or only bought beads from this company. Found card from company in Vicky’s memorabilia.

DE 2-0061, (closed store in 2012 and sells exclusively on line)

Hough, Dee Dee, 1883 Catalina Blvd. San Diego, 92107, 222-8200

( names from Groggins owner of Palwaukee Airport)

Parks, Oliver, Steel Jones

Lichty, Eugene, 3204 Carlton, New address: 5660 Beaumont, LaJolla, Calif.

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