Vicky’s Husbands

I have told you about some facts about Vicky’s husband but I never told you about her first husband. I thought that my aunt had two husbands but I discovered that she had three. On I discovered that Vicky was married to a man named Nathan Potter. I found her Certificate and Record of Marriage.

Nathan Potter's marriage certifcate

Nathan Potters Certificate of Marriage

He was born in Enfield, Massachusetts on April 30, 1983 in Enfield, Massachusetts.  They married on September 5, 1915 on September 3, 1915.This was the first marriage for Vicky and Nathan. They were married in the Borough of New York, City of New York

I don’t know how my aunt met Nathan but I know that at this time but she lived 325 W. 58th and Nathan lived at 238 W.56th St.him. Vicky was raised in the Jewish faith she married in a church in Manhattan. I guess Nathan was not Jewish but I have no information about him except that he was an artist. Nathan’s father was also  and designed Lions  front of the New York Public library.

Other than these facts I know nothing about Nathan Potter. I don’t even know when Vicky and her husband were divorced. I wrote the State Of New York Records department and was informed that divorce records for the date of marriage were not available. Nathan died on November 25, 1934 at Lyme, Connecticut. New London County, Connecticut.Services were held Wednesday November 28, 1934, in the chapel at Cedar Hill Cemetery.

I have written about Vicky’s second husband  Ward  Henry Lederer in previous surprised posts but I will fill i new information that I have found, He was born in Jackson, Michigan on December 12, 1892. Before their marriage he lived at 33 West 51st St. Vicky lived at 800 Sheridan Avenue, Chicago. His Social Security number was 460-01-2443. He walked out from their New York Apartment and left Vicky for good. My aunt looked all over the country for him. During this difficult time Vicky lived at The Hotel Manger in New York. I could not find any information about this hotel. Vicky’s husbands family, and The her husbands in laws, Catherine and William C. Durant paid her to stay away from her husband.  The Durants lived at 1045 Park Ave. New York.

In 1935 Ward  convicted of cashing bad checks and was served his term in San Quetin Prison in 1935.

I Believe that he was married again before he divorced my aunt.  His last addresses was 77006 Houston, Harris, Texas. I am not sure that is accurate. He died in Harris, Texas. December 1961.

I learned that George parents where Luddgton Mattthew Tobey and Anna Laura LaMonte. Their children were Leatha Vignia Winfrey born in 1912, and James LaMonte Wright Judge. I hope that James Wright will email again. He said that George LaMonte was his grandfather.

vicky and ward - Copy

Ward was born on December 17, 1891 in Jackson Michigan. His social security number was 460-01-2443. He was 26 when he enlisted in the military. He served in the military from July 16, 1918 till May 3, 1919.

Ward and Vicky lived in Springfield, Massachusetts and they sold Durant cars. Ward was the president of Springfield Durant Car Company. He also represented the Samson Tractor Co. in Reno, NEVADO.also represented the Sampson Tractor Co. in Reno, Nevada

In 1920 he married my aunt in Yonkers, New York. He walked out of their New York mansion in New York.   I found out that he married again before he divorced Vicky. He lived in Houston at this time. Unfortunately, divorce records were not available at the time.

He died on June 1967.

Some of this information was from The rest was from my aunts memorabilia.

George Campbell LaMonte. (also known as George C. Tobey He was born on 1902 in New York wa her 3rd husband.mentioned previously in this post. I visited her in San Diego when I was about six. I could see from the picture I was about six and my brother might have been eleven. I wish that I could remember my aunt on that trip. I do recall that we went to a place called Knots Berry Farm and of course Disneyland. I wish I knew more about my aunt. My brother doesn’t remember anything either. I wish that I knew more about my aunt and George.George LaMonte

george and vicky on bicycle

This is a picture of George and Vicky. I only met him once and I didn’t know anything about him. He and Vicky lived in San Diego in an area called Point Loma. I fell in love with San Diego. I wish he knew more about him.

He died on October 10 1964. He was cremated at Greenwood Memorial Park in San Diego . See  the section of “Finding Vicky” for address of George and
Vicky’s addresses in San Diego.

Vicky didn’t have any children from her three marriage.





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