Vicky’s Family

Vicky’s Genealogy

Birth: 7/22/1890 / Chicago

Death: 1/15/1971 / San Diego Greenwood Mortuary Alcove of Holy Sepulcher unit 2 

Genealogy for Family:

Sharp’s Memorial Hospital

7901 Frost St.

San Diego, California

Cause of Death: dehydration, heart disease

Social Security: 356-05-7398

Residence:  92223 San Diego,  Californ

 Creamated: 1/18/1971

 Place of death:  San Diego, California

 Mortuary: Greenwood Cemetery:  CREMATORY NO. 19948

Location: ALCOVE OF HOLY SEPULCHER UNIT 2  NICHE 11 Mother: Cora Cooper/ Birthplace: Louisiana

Father: salesman: part-owner Halle-Florsheim Co. / 1896

Halle: 222 Market St.  

David H. Halle

(1886 Fancy Goods)


Lee Florsheim

Francis Foster Florshei

Lucille (Babe) Florsheim Hirschfield


  1. Nathan Potter
  2. Ward Lederer
  3. George LaMonte


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