Vicky’s Addresses

Part 2 of post “Finding Vicky”


420 Diversey Parkway

3923 Frontier Ave

1341 Indiana

1348 North Irving

1508 Turner

3923 Frontier Ave. (1937)

3341 Indiana

1534 S. Millard

800 Sheridan Rd.

920 N. Clark

809 Sheridan Rd

4645 Belmont 

Hotel Diversey

725 Sheridan Road

Hotel Halliburton (6954 N. Greenview)

New York

907 Fifth Avenue (Durants Home)

135 East 15th St.

Roosevelt Field Hotel, Mineola, Long Island (1931)

135 E. 50th Street in Manhattan

Detroit Cadillac Hotel

Cadillac Hotel (Michigan Avenue and Washington Blvd)  Historic hotel built in 1915

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Massachusetts: Hotel Kimball: Residence Hotel 740 Main  Springfield, West Springfield

San Diego

2314 Chatsworth Blvd. (1963)

3236 Homer

Point Loma Inn 2930 Fenton 92106

Loma Manor 1518 Rosencranz (Mrs. Walden)

3020 Poe, Point Loma San Diego

San Diego Hotel (Oct. 17, 1966)

1244 10th San Diego ( 1962)

Hotel Manger

Bay Park Apartments 1432 Rosencrans St. ( Mrs. Kinney, landlady)

Renewed her medical on Nov 15, 1932. Living in Shelton Hotel

Sarasota, Florida (1937) (C/O Juneau, Alaska General Delivery )

2314 Chatsworth Blvd.

San Mateo, California near Peninsula Flying Service, at California Air Terminals Field

1935 General Delivery, Juneau, Alaska

Vickys addresses were sent in C/O my Father Francis Florsheim, My Aunt Lucille Florsheim (Mrs. Ben H. Hirschfield…my fathers sister, My Aunt Marsha Florsheim, wife of my father’s brother Lee Florsheim)

Vicky stayed at my parents home 2531 W. Morse, Chicago), My Aunt Lucille, and also at my Aunt Marsha’ home. I don’t have dates and addresses. In March 1934 Vicky stayed with her sister-in-law Mrs. Lee Florsheim, 534 Addison Street

Many of these hotels and buildings are no longer in existence. I tried to be as complete as I could.

Many Times the rent was paid by my mom or dad and also my aunt Babe.




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