Overview of Newsletter

My newsletter will be available once a month. Just click on the button newsletter, put in your email and it will come to you in your email.

It will have information for any child or young adult that would like to learn to fly. The organization Experimental Aviation Association has a program that has been developed for children 13-18 who want to learn to fly. Many of the chapters of EAA in various communities have this program. It is supported by donations and many students have taken this program and were able to get their license.

The Boy and Girl Scouts through the STEM program have developed merit badges so that children and young adults can learn about aviation. There are many different badges that the children can earn.

The newsletter will list areas where these programs are available.  I have a wealth of information that will help guide the student and parents to be aware of the exciting field of aviation.

Students learn perseverance and technical knowledge about flying. I will include laymen’s information on the way a plane flies. I am not a pilot but I do have a wealth of information about the field of aviation.

I hope that you will sign up for this interesting newsletter. As a parent maybe you will become interested in this exciting way to travel. It’s always wonderful to learn new information.

The name of the newsletter is Blue Skies To You and that’s what I wish for you.


Cynthia Florsheim


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