Letters I Wrote

Visiting Nurses Assoc. (807 Kline St. La Jolla, Calif.

S.D. Hardware (840 5th. Ave.)

Webs TV, Point Loma 1423 1/2 Rosencranz

Victor W. Lee, Exclusive Cleaners (31 E. Victoria, S.D. 93101)

Dr. Barry Lewis, 2333 31st S.D. 92101

Welma & Warren Newswander, Bohemian Bakery & Restaurant, Market & 13th 92101 S.D.

Edward J. Dulegar, 11105 Rose Mary Ave, S.D

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Moy, 5353 Jolla Blvd, La Jolla

John R. Repeaire. Md,, Md. 2333 First Ave. San Diego 92101

International Importing Bead & Novelty Co., 111 North Wabash Ave. Suite 714, Chicago 60602



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