Vicky’s Addresses

This Part 2 of the Post of Finding Vicky

Chicago Addresses

420 Diversey Parkway

3923 Frontier Ave

1341 Indiana

1348 North Irving Park

1508 Turner

800 Sheridan Rd.

809 Sheridan Rd.

920 N. Clark

4645 Belmont

1534 S. Millard

2531 W. Morse Ave. Chicago, Il. This the home of my family. Vicky “flopped” there when she was broke. According my mother that was very often. I only remember she stayed there when I was about five years old. I do know that she kept a saddle in our basement but I knew nothing about her time as a pilot or her extensive travels… All I remember is that I loved her from the minute I met her. She was my father’s sister and that made a strong impression. My father’s parents and brother were dead. I loved my Aunt “Babe” (Lucille) but I missed my dads other family members. I am so happy that my father had saved all of Vicky’s memorabilia but I wish I had asked my parents about my aunt. I know that my father loved her but my mother didn’t. I learned that Vicky was the “black sheep of my family.” I believe that she was the most exciting person I  ever knew. I’m sorry that I had to know her through her memorabilia.New York Roosevelt Field Hotel, Mineola, New York  This the same airfield that Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart used.

New York

Roosevelt Field Hotel, Mineola, New York

This was post was about Vicky’s addresses but I slipped into how I felt about her. Go back and read older posts about my unique aunt, Vicktorine Florsheim, Potter, Lederer, LaMonte.






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