Finding Vicky



  • Graduate of Roosevelt Field Flying School
  • Participated  in Miami All American Air Races ( Jan. 8-10)
  • Participated in Vied with 4 men in air race from Honolulu in 1931
  • Honorary member of New York Ariel Police
  • Member of Air Pilots Police
  • Member of Aviation Country Club
  • Train Secret Service Detective 
  • Member of Air Pilots Associations 
  • Womens Air Meet (Dayton Municipal Airport, Aug. 4-5 1934) 
  • Participated in Airplane manufacturer Show
  • First Jewish women pilot.
  • First land to air refueling.
  • This achievement information is from the FAA in Oklahoma City concerning Vicky’s  file:
    • Vicky applied for a student pilot permit on April 30, 1930.
    • She applied for her pilots license on November 23, 1930.
    • Her experience with 3 engine types and 10 hours experience with two airplane types, a Fleet K-5 and a Fairchield 21 included 10 hours 
    • She officially graduated from Roosevelt Aviation School on Nov. 24, 1930. At that time she had 24 hours of flight time, 9 of wich were solo. She passed all the required ground courses with grades of between 85 and 95.
    • She received her pilots license 317951 on Dec 4, 1930.
    • By Nov 3, 1931 she had accumulated enough time so she didn’t have to be reexamined for a private pilot license.
    • She renewed her medical on Nov. 15, 1932.
    • in March 1934 she accumulated 144 hours of flying time.
    • last request for license renewal was on Nov. 28, 1937.
  • Part 2

Names and Addresses

I found this information in Vicky’s address book. I hope that a relative might have family stories of my Aunt Vicky. In her memorabilia and researching through books and computer sites I have gathered so much information. Maybe, by a fluke, someone will see their family name and respond to me. It’s very remote but I won’t know if I don’t try.

Even if I find a relative of people I wrote I understand that they may have no information about Vicky I hope that this information will help me find even one person that knew of Vicky.

Part 3

Places Vicky Lived Posted in another blog titled Places Where Vicky Lived

Part 4

Vicky’s travels

The Travel Information came from Ancestry. Com. Unfortunately, the pictures of Vicky’s travels have no captions. I wish they did. I will post the travel pictures at another time. The information  is not complete but I will post what I have found out.

Departure: LeHarve, France: Arrival Date: 1928 Age 36

Port of Departure: Calamanta, Greece

Arrival: New York: Ships Name: Express

Departure: Naples, Italy: Ships Name: Exlecedtive

Port of Departure: Piralus, Greece

Part 5

More Vicky’s Memorabilia 

Recently, I looked at all the information I had accumulated. I found so many facts I never presented to you. There is probably more but this is all I can find for now.  Readers expect this process to take some time. So look for the first part of my project.

This will be a difficult project but I think it will be fun…sort of like solving a puzzle. Play with me and maybe we will find the missing pieces to an unusual woman…my Fathers sister, my aunt and a women I admire and love. I hope you will enjoy this unusual journey to find Victorine Florsheim, Potter, Lederer, LaMonte. I hope you will reply. Even if you have no knowledge of her just let me know if you are related.

The result of all this work is to  “Find Vicky.”

This research has taken immensely too long. I had 3,000+ pages of information and started writing in 1986. I threw away pages that really weren’t important. When I started this project I copied everything I found in the library. I really didn’t know what I was doing. I received Vicky’s memorabilia when my father died. This was my treasure chest. I didn’t know what to do with all these fascinating papers about a relative that I barely knew. I sure didn’t know that she was a pilot. Earlier posts mentioned that Vicky was called “the black sheep in the family.” So my parents rarely talked about her.

Along came the computer for me. I attended every computer workshop and today I continue learning.

I learned about a blog and decided I’d try to write that way. Today I have 137 blog posts. Some friends say that I am not a REAL WRITER…WELL I AM. People read my posts so “I am A REAL WRITER.” Their response is “well you don’t get paid.” I SURE DO. READERS GET PLEASURE FROM MY WRITING. THAT’S ENOUGH FOR NOW. MAYBE I’ll BE A HOUSEHOLD NAME. JUST NOT YET!”

Many friends ask me “why I am so busy. Your retired you don’t need to do anything.” I answer them quickly “I AM WORKING.” They just look at me as if I’m crazy. I am not crazy I am just doing what I love. Writing is hard and it takes so much effort. IT’S MY PASSION AND I FOLLOW IT. Maybe readers of my blog might find their passion and pursue it.


2 thoughts on “Finding Vicky

  1. You are so lucky to find your passion. Your mystery puzzle will be a very exciting trying to put the pieces together. From 1986 you did a tremendous amount of research about your Aunt Vicky. She accomplish so much in her life time. It is so wonderful that you are writing about her full life of adventurer exployer and her accomplishments. Thanks for sharing her with us. Good people love to read about a women who did so much in her lifetime. It is your Aunt Vicky who was the luckiest lady in the world.

    • I love your comments. I sure did a lot of research but I enjoyed every minute. I enjoy writing and think it was great that you took the time to reply. You said that Vicky was the the luckiest lady in the world…well I’m the luckiest with a friend like you!

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