Vickys Family

I have told you about Vicky being the sheep of the family. Women in the 30’s didn’t fly planes, ride horses, ride motor cycles. Now I am going to tell you about Vicky family. I want you to know about my grandparents, parents and her brothers and sisters.I  wish I had asked my parents about their family and particularly about Vicky. All I knew is my mother didn’t like her. This was my father’s sister and he must have loved her and let her stay at the house when she was broke. From what I remember this happened quite often.


It probably happened when her second husband Ward Lederer walked out on her. After he left she was given money by the Lederer family and her father-in-law William C. Durant. I have mentioned him in other posts but new followers I want you to know that Mr. Durant was the founder of General Motors, and the manufacturer of the Durant Motor Car. Both families had a lot of money. They pushed Vicky to stay away from her husband. I tried to find their divorce records but divorce records were not available at that time. So I can’t prove the facts of their divorce. But I did find the record of his second marriage. Dysfunctional families existed even in those days.

I remember when I was  about six that Vicky came to live at our house. I could hear my mother yelling at my father about Vicky. At that young age I didn’t understand what they were saying. All I knew is that I loved my aunt so much. My brother is older than I am and both of us only remember horse saddle in our basement. I knew she had a horse, a motor cycle and traveled the world and then learned to fly a plane.

When I received Vicky’s memorabilia I learned so much more about my aunt.  She was born in 1891 and died in 1971. My parents never shared any information about my aunt. I wish that I had asked question about her.

I really admire her and know that some of her adventurous behavior is in me. As a senior I want to learn the technical end of aviation. I have only had one lesson but I am studying books any basic books about aviation. I may never learned to fly but I can learn but aviation thrills me. I know it started when I received the memorabilia about my aunt. My name is Vicky-Cindy. I am not the women she was but I try to be the strong women I am.

Everyone should find their passion and follow it. My passion happens to be aviation. I hope you find yours because a passion can make you a stronger person.

2 thoughts on “Vickys Family

    • Thanks for your complement. You inspire me and help me see nature that I would have missed.
      I too wish I really knew Vicky. I was so young that I barely knew her. In my next post I will tell stories about Vicky that I haven’t posted before. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog.

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