Are Girls Are Flying Now

Another Story How Women Are Changing Aviation

(Making Flying “Thinkable”: women Pilots The Selling of Aviation 1927-1940)
(Our Girls Are Flying Now)
Women are taking flying classes all over the United States. They are becoming very interested in this new vocation. Even this is so men are not sure that women should be for women. Even large universities are starting divisions of aviation exclusively for women. One of these schools is New York University. This is the first school like this in the world.
People suggest that students stay away from schools that promise everything. Be Careful that you judge the school and decide that it’s teachers are good.
Also, women must be relaxed yet confident. No nervous nellies. A woman must be really strong emotionally not necessarily physically. It takes no more strength than to drive a car. They must have confidence that they can handle various situations.
Women were asked why they wanted to fly. First response…I love it.,, second response…there are many opportunities for women in this new field.


One thought on “Are Girls Are Flying Now

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