By Elinor Smith

In the autobiography entitled Aviatrix by Elinor Smith I really feel her enthusiasm for her life as a pilot. Her parents really encouraged her to enter this exciting life. Elinor wrote this book to let the general public know her and her place in aviation history. Amelia was more well-known but Elinor but even Amelia said that Elinor was a better pilot than Amelia. Writing this book made Elinor proud of her accomplishments. It helped her review the happy and sad times of her life. She detailed the Golden Years of Aviation and was very proud to be part of those years. I enjoyed telling stories about my place in aviation history and the many records that I held.
Most important was that I was elected by my peers in aviation as Best Women oBest Women Of The Year in aviation. That was 1930 one year before my aunt received her pilots license. Vicky wasn’t famous like Amelia, or Elinor but she sure was part of the era of the Golden Age of Aviation. I think that Vicky was proud of being part of this unique time in history.


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