More Facts About Elinor Flying

John Frogge reporter on Roosevelt Field. He was under Aviation Managing Editor, Lauren D. (Deke) Lyman who covered Lindbergh flight. PUT ON SLIDE WITH 6 YR OLD ELINOR.

SAME SLIDE lived in Freeport, N.Y. born 1911. Freeport area of actors, producers, and others from entertainment industry. Known as Hollywood of the east.
After BRIDGE SLIDE. She meet Amelia at the Chicago air show 1928. After show accepted job to break solo endurance record. Other women tried but she broke it with 26 hours 23 minutes and 16 seconds.
SLIDE? Hired for cross-country demonstration tour ending at an appearance at the 1st Cleveland Air Races.
Slide parachutes. 1st mass parachute drop 7 men leaped from her plane.
SLIDE WITH BOBBI TROUT. 1st mid-flight refueling endurance record. Stayed in the air for 42 1/2 hours.
Offer from Ballanca Co. to test new high-altitude plane. She attracted press attention because her family knew so many people in the entertainment field. She also weighed less than most male test pilots.
Also her connection to the entertainment world helped her get a job with NBC. She would 3 times a week spot on aviation.
Slide With microphone. She broadcast from various airports where she worked. She interviewed different aviators about their accomplishments.
MAKE SLIDE OF LIBERTY MAG, AND VANITY FAIR. Then became Liberty’s aviation editor.
1930 youngest women to get TRANSPORT LICENSE.
Pic of husband? 1956 returned to av. World.
Pic of U. S. Air Force. Invited to speak to pilots, invited to participate in war games, and the training of young pilots to carry paratroopers inC-119 jets. Because of her experience dropping parachutes in aviation shows helped her get these jobs.
Elinor considered herself a pilot not a woman pilot.
SLIDE BRIDGES: All the newsreel crews were there and I knew I would get in trouble. A navy destroyer was there and Elinor had to go sideways over the destroyer. Then she went by the Statue Of Liberty. Boats were blowing their whistles and then everyone knew about my stunt. Every newsreel theater in Manhattan showed my stunt. It was called “Teenager Flies the East River Bridges.”
Wanted to make a non-stop flight to Rome.The depression caused her to cancel her plans. She continued her career while she stunted for movies, airshow and fund-raisers.
Awarded certificate that she successfully landed the Space Shuttle.
Elinor was brought up to believe that she could do anything she tried. Elinor believed flying was a real challenge. She felt that she was privileged to know a lot of fabulous pilots.
Because she was a member of the Air Force Association she was given the opportunity to fly experimental planes.



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