I Apologize

I want to apologize to all my followers. Due to illness I have not written a blog post in several months. I am much better now and will resume posting. I hope that old and new followers will enjoy my new posts.
Originally, I planned to blog about my aunt who was a pilot in the 30’s. I did a lot of posts about her and will resume posts about many of the women that were well-known in their era due to races. The 30’s were the exciting air races starting with the Powder Puff Races. This race was the first all-women air races.
I will start my blog posts with most unique women pilot…Pancho Barnes. I will post many stories of this rip-roaring pilot. She was born Florence Lowe “Pancho” Barnes. There are so many stories about this unbelievable women.
Please come back and have fun reading these stories. Each contestant was exciting in their own way but I wanted to start with Pancho. I hope you enjoy these stories about this woman who was unbelievable in this era of the 30’s.

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