Family Florsheim

airventurejpg (1)Today I want to explain how my family influenced my life’s passion. People who know me think that my passion for aviation was due to my brother. My brother flew a plane before he drove a car. I don’t remember anything about his flying days. He got his private license and flew for a few years.
He became an aeronautical engineer and worked for Boeing for 40 years. Today he is retired but is a Docent and researcher at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. When I was in Seattle he gave me a tour of this wonderful museum.
Today he has many other interests and I think I’m more into aviation then he is. All he remembers about our Aunt Vicky is the saddle she kept in my parent’s basement. Vicky had her own horse but when she was separated from her husband she bounced from place to place. One of those places was my parents’ home. I also remember the saddle but nothing else comes to mind about Vicky. I was about 5 when she lived in Chicago. My brother is two years older and he doesn’t remember anything either.
I know I went on a family vacation to see Aunt Vicky. I was about six when we visited her in San Diego. Vicky had remarried a man named George LaMonte. I don’t remember anything about that trip or George.

It wasn’t till my dad passed away that I developed my interest in aviation and Vicky. Dad had possession of an old suitcase of Vicky. I went through the newspapers, pictures, and medals of Vicky’s interesting life. I became enthralled with Vicky and aviation.
In future posts, I will explain what I found in this magical suitcase.
It wasn’t until the last few posts that I realized I was finding myself as I learned about aviation and Vicky. I know now that I am Cindy-Vicky or Vicky-Cindy and that I am beginning to like the person I became. I never felt that way before.

I am grateful for the technology that has taken me back decades and yet I also helped me live in the present.

Thank you for reading and following. I wish you all:


6 thoughts on “Family Florsheim

  1. George LaMonte was my paternal grandfather. He’s been a challenge to research; we didn’t know what became of him until about twenty years ago.

    Thank you for the information about your aunt Vicky!

    • I am writing to you again after so many years. I still post on my blog but I am also concentrating on a historical novel that I am writing.I am weaving this book with historical facts from my posts. I need any more information about my aunt’s 3rd husband George Lamonte. I hope that you can fill in any more historical facts that you might have found.
      Can you also send me your email so we can communicate?
      Thank you in advance.

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