Vicky’s First Husband

On I found out that my aunt had a husband before Ward Lederer. His name was Norman Potter and I know nothing about him.

Last year I stumbled upon a site in this wordpress blog the author mentioned that the book called Taking Off by Margaret Thomas Watson, an early woman aviatrix, Mentioned my aunt. “I read of another woman named Victorine Lederer, another flyer, whose second husband was the son of the country’s well known automobile manufactures. The family objected to the marriage but Vicky had been happy with her husband until one day he disappeared. She never found out what happened to him, although she had travelled the world, following every clue that appeared as to his whereabouts. I imagined this search. Amazing.
In her book Ms. Warren mentioned that she had met my aunt and gave me some information about Vicky. This was the beginning of my research. She said that Vicky was an unusual woman …different from anyone she had ever met before. She gave me a clue about her first husband that he was a sculptor and made the lions in front of the New York Library.
Ms. Warren was so pleased to have met a women like Vicky. She thought Vicky was a very sophisticated women and was so pleased that Vicky would pay attention to her. Ms, Martin’s husband for some reason didn’t want her to keep seeing Vicky.
This information about Vicki’s first husband intrigued me, I never knew that Vicky was married before Ward. Also she used the word “Sophisticated” about Vicky. That fits my image if my aunt. I really didn’t know anything about Vicky till much later than her life.

As I find more information about Nathan Potter, Vicky’s first husband, I will post it.

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