Facts About Amelia

I have read many books on Amelia Earhart and I have learned some interesting facts you may not know. So I am going to present some for your enjoyment.

Amelia felt that she liked to learn as much as she could about making things go. She thought that girls and boys should learn as much as they could.
Amelia talked about crashes where a plane would land in a muddy field and sometimes it turned over, broke her seatbelt and threw her out of the plane.
From the book “Amelia, Legend of the Lost Aviator. Amelia said, “women should have courage to take on challenges.
The fact that Amelia looked like Lindy was helpful for publicity. George wined and dined
to get more money. He romanced Amelia so that she would allow him to be her publicist.
Amelia didn’t like to give lectures after her flights. She made a major amount of money
Through these lectures but she didn’t like these speeches. She felt that this was a chore.
George made her the most famous women in the world not because of her great talent but because of publicity.
Paul Mantz, her technical advisor, told Amelia that she wasn’t ready to make her last flight. He said that she needed more practice with her radio equipment. He wanted to show her how to tune the receiver and how to operate the transmitters and to teach her correct radio procedures. He wanted to help her understand what her system could do and what it couldn’t. She always said she was too busy to learn and practice with the equipment.
When Amelia was on the lecture circuit she said she felt like a clown. She just wanted to fly and be alone.

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