Airman Pilot File

My brother sent away a copy for our aunt’s File. These copies didn’t come out good so I will try to explain these papers the best that I can. The Federal Aviation Administration in Oklahoma.

The first page is dated March 24, 1931. It states that Vicky received her private license. Thus was just a copy and the administration stated that if the original was found it should be sent back to the Department of Commerce immediately.
The second  was a copy of Application For Student Pilot’s Permit. It showed that Vicky was listed as Victorine Lederer at the time. Obviously, she was still married at the time. She is listed as living at the Sheraton Hotel in New York. She was approved for a private license in 1932.
The next paper that was an identification card listing Vicky’s age as 41 107 pounds and 5″ 2″ It was issued on March 25, 31.I am telling you this because it describes what she did at an age when most women had children certainly not flying a plane.
The next page sent from the Department of Commerce was a copy of a physical that Vicky was physically qualified for Private Pilot. It was dated 11/15/32. Vicky was living at 230 E. 51st St. In New York. I checked it out and this was a classy area at the time.
As I think about going to ground school I think would i even remotely, pass a medical to fly. I don’t think so.
Another medical l was listed as Nov. 13, 1933 and addressed to the Sheldon Hotel in San Francisco. The copy listed Vicky’s flying time as 57 hours 35 min and 110 hours of solo flying.
These copies are so old and smudged that I am trying to tell you accurately what they say. I do notice that each page lists a different address for Vicky. On page lists Vicky-s address at my dads on 3923 Frontier in Chicago. Each page also lists more hours that Vicky had also states that Vicky flew a Fleet airplane. Again Vicky’s address was c/o General Delivery, Juneau, Alaska. In 1938 she ended her flying. She had a total solo of 202 hours 15 minutes I found this pilot file very interesting because it showed that Vicky kept adding more hours of solo flying.
I wish i had her log book which would tell me where she had flown. That would be so exciting but I don’t know where that book is. It-s long-lost. I wish i had met anyone who knew Vicky during that time. All the letters I wrote never revealed anyone who might have known Vicky. So it’s still another mystery to Vicky’s exciting life.


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