Again Elinor and Amelia

Amelia wanted a line of women’s pilot clothes. Elinor didn’t care about special clothes. She just wore an old pair of her brother’s clothes. Her brother’s knickers, a shirt and windbreaker, argyles and sneakers. She didn’t see any need for special clothes for women pilots.
When Elinor met with Amelia and Putnam she hoped that she came across as more than a flash in the pan. A young girl who had was a fluke as a young flier.
Elinor wanted to come across as a serious flyer despite her age. Elinor was very serious about her career as an aviator not a women aviator. There was a contest by the Brunner Winkle Aircraft Corp. when they had a new model of the Bird Biplane. Elinor thought that it would be exciting to fly that new plane. She envisioned her being the pilot of that new plane. If she could pilot that plane she would be the youngest pilot to set that record.
No one would commit to that possibility. Putnam wouldn’t commit to sponsoring her in the race or being her mentor and promoter.
The record setting would be done inside at the largest indoor air show. It would be a feather in Elinor’s cap if she would be the pilot to fly that plane and make the Eventually, Elinor did make that record flight.
Amelia wanted to start an organization for women pilots. This group was called the 99’s. named for the number of women pilots that wanted to join. Elinor didn’t join. Amelia became the first president of the 99’s.
Putnam eventually married Amelia. He was married before to Dorothy Binney for 20 years.
Elinor really liked Amelia. But she understood how Putnam used Amelia as a money tree.
Elinor was sad that Amelia married G.P. because he was using the marriage for money from Amelia. There was no romance involved.
Tim Sullivan was a program executive at NBC.


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