The American Austin

keatonThe American Austin was the lightest car in America. The company was sure that the American public would want this small car. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a hit
Austin chose Butler, Pennsylvania as its base. They chose a city that was close enough to the East Coast so that parts could be imported easily. The Austin was originally a British car and needed to import parts as quickly as possible.
From 1930 through 1934 the American Austin car was produced. The idea was to make a car made for American tests. It was even shorter than  the VW Beetle. It truly was a mini car.
Even though the American Austin wasn’t successful with the public Hollywood really latched on to this small car. It was used by Buster Keaton, Al Jolson, and the kids from ” Our Gang”. It was used in the
movies “A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court,” and
“International House. ”
The Depression caused the demise of this little car in 1935. But you
can see it in the movies which are available in DVD. There are even
Austin Car Clubs in same areas of the U.S.


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