Vicky and the Curtiss-Wright Flying School

wpid-curtiss-wright-gives-ed.jpg.jpegCurtiss-Wright Ground Ground School Text


The flying School were to allow students to receive a Private Pilots License. The course took six to 8 weeks and costs $$600.00. Each student had instruction of 10 hours of Dual, 10 hours of Solo and One cross-country flight.

The most well-known flying school in the 30’s was the Curtiss-Wright Flying School. But it was also the largest manufacturer of aircraft and engines.

If you are taught at Curtiss-Wright you will have no trouble getting a job in Commercial or private aviation because tbe name is so respected. The Curtiss-Wright Flying Service text Vol 1930. Curtiss-Wright Flying Vol 11 service by W. F, Gerhardt 27 w. 57th Curtiss-Wright. I have mentioned the few things that I know about her flying days.

This is where my aunt took flying lessons in Mineola, New York where the school was located.

 I will repeat them here:

Flew in All American Miami Air Race.

Sold planes

Demonstrated planes.

Had a flying school in Alaneda, California

Participated in the first ground to air refueling

Member of the Air Police of New York


I don’t know what Vicky did after taking lessons at Curtiss-Wright


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