More information About The American Austin Car

keatonThe Austin Car

Maybe you read my blog post about Vicky and the Austin car. Today I am posting more about the Austin car.  The American Austin car was manufactured from 1930 through 1934, it was the lightest little car but maybe too light for the American car owner.

Only two models were made. A roadster sold for $445 and a coupe for $465. Unfortunately, by 1933 sales were so bad that the company had to drop prices for the coupe $275 and the roadster sold for $315.

The American roadster just didn’t have success with the general car buying public. In Hollywood this car was successful. Some Austin owners were Buster Keaton, Al Jolson, and the kids from “Our Gang.” The vehicle was used in several movies like the “International House,” Will Rogers “A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court.” The car just didn’t survive due to the buying public and the Depression. The American Austin ceased production in 1935,


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