Curtiss-Wright Ground School

The flying schools were to allow students to receive a Private Pilots License. The course took six to 8 week and costs $$600.00. Each student had instruction of 10 hours of Dual, 10 hours of Solo and One cross-country flight.

The Curtiss-Wright Flying School was one of the largest civilian aviation in the United States. The students needed to take a written test covering theory of flight, aerodynamics, aircraft structures,  aerial navigation and air commerce regulations.

Curtiss-Wright Fields and Schools were planned in major cities. Because of the Depression the fields and schools that didn’t  happen.

The Fields were more like a  country club than an airport. The fields were huge with parking for 10,000 cars, restaurants, pools and a clubhouse with a bar and a grass flying flying field.

One of Vicky’s accomplishments was to receive her Private Flying License from the Curtiss-Wright school.

“The Curtiss-Wright Flying Service text Vol. 1930 27 W. 57th St, N. Y. City.


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