The Pilots File



In 1933 Vicky asked the Department of Commerce to change her address from The Roosevelt Field Hotel in Mineola Long Island in New York to Hotel Shelton in San Francisco…She seemed to live in one hotel after another

One record stated that she solved 57 hours and 35 minutes

Another record stated that she lived with her sister–in-law Mrs. Lee Florsheim. She lived at 534 Addison St…Chicago. Then she lived at 420 Diversey Parkway,..Chicago. These records included in the Department of Commerce were interesting to me because she lived at so many different addresses

In the medical records from 1937 she was living at 3923 Frontier c/o Florsheim in this record it reported that Vicky total flying time was 117 hours and 15 minutes. Solo time reported was 202 hours and 10 minutes.

In the last record I have Vicky listed her address as % General Delivery…Juneau,. Alaska. In Ancestry.Com listed Vicky’s work as waitress in Juneau. I was told by my family that Vicky continued to fly in Juneau and still had her flying school in Alaska. I really don’t know the truth. I hope to get more information from the Juneau Historical Museum.

This pilot file was very interesting. I wish I had more information about Vicky. So many mysteries. I loved her so much. I’m having so much fun blogging about Vicky…hope you are enjoying her story.


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