Aviation for Women International Magazine

The magazine issue of November/December 2014 is a fabulous magazine. This issue highlights the upcoming the 2015 Conference of WAI Dallas conference March 4- 7 in Dallas, Texas. It will be held at the  Anatole in Dallas. Its highlights include: Tours of American Airlines Flight Academy, Dallas-Worth Air Traffic Control and Southwest Airlines Tour. Thursday there is Training, Workshops and Seminars. This is the 15th year this conference has been held. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I am not a pilot yet but I am a member of this group. I live in the Chicago area and it would be wonderful to go with someone from my area.

I probably would be the only non-pilot attending and the only senior. I am so interested in aviation but I still would love to go. (If I could scrape the money together)

Sometimes my passion about aviation makes me see myself as crazy. No, I’m not crazy…just passionate about an unusual interest for a 68 year old Grandmother. Any Women in Aviation, International let me know what you think about my interest in going to the conference. REMEMBER…AGE IS JUST A NUMBER!!



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