Air Shows With My Brother


My brother and I were at AirVenture. The largest air show in the country/. It is held by Experimental Aviation Association in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

dekalbairshowairventurejpg (1)airventurejpg (2)Camera Photos 025overviewflying-circus-biplane-art-meggitt - Copymewithgogglesinplanewpid-wp-1417365717594.jpegwpid-wp-1417365519992.jpeg wpid-wp-1417365447733.jpeg wpid-wp-1417365400687.jpeg wpid-camera-photos-046.jpg.jpeg wpid-img_1182.jpg wpid-img_1189.jpg wpid-camera-photos-001.jpg.jpeg wpid-camera-photos-002.jpg.jpeg wpid-camera-photos-039.jpg.jpeg wpid-camera-photos-036.jpg.jpeg wpid-camera-photos-038.jpg.jpeg

These are some of the pictures I took at various air shows and museums. One picture is of my brother at AirVenture Air Show and another is from The Museum of Flight and another is from the DeKalb Air Show. I wish I had put captions on the photos. Anyone who can tell me the name of the planes let me know.


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