The Real Me

You know that I love aviation but that’s not the whole me… not the real me.

I am a very spiritual person. If someone asks me. “How am I “?

I reply, “Terrific.” Am I really terrific? No But does it help to complain? No. It doesn’t change anything. I hurt all the time but lots of people hurt. I won’t die from arthritis so I go along with my life.

The real me tries to be happy and positive. Not all the time. No one can be happy and positive all the time,

The real me loves many things. I call myself the Renaissance woman.

The real me also loves languages. I read and speak French and Spanish like a 3rd grader. Next year I would like to take Spanish again. On my bucket list I would like to speak Spanish, French and Italian.

I love movie musicals. Last night I watched the DVD of the movie Annie. I don’t like most network shows except investigative type shows. I also like documentaries.

Yesterday I listened to a record on a record player. I enjoyed a group called The Brothers Four. What a great sound!

I also think of myself as the CATCH-UP GIRL. I didn’t do well in school now as a senior I WANT TO LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING.

You may think that I live in the past. Well, I like modern music, theater, and movies.

In this post I hoped you learned about the real me. Some of you may not care about the real me. Writing this post has helped me know the real me. I found out I really like the real me.

I hope you like the real you. Look at yourself. Write down your qualities, get to know yourself and you may find out you really like yourself.


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