More Information About Vicky

When I started my blog I said that I would post 3 times a week. Then it changed to 2 and then a week went by and I didn’t post anything. I want to explain why this happened.

My father died in 1986 and I was left a treasure. It was an old suitcase that belonged to his sister. Vicky died in 1971 and I was so excited about the contents of this suitcase. I have told you in my beginning post but I think that it’s necessary to repeat this information.
I really never thought much about Vicky till I inherited the contents of this suitcase. It contained paraphernalia of Vicky’s life. I devide it into sections. 1. Her travel photos, newspaper clippings of her marriage and her high life of being related to William C. Durant, the flunder of General Motors.
I became fascinated about Vicky and started researching everything about her life. Well there wasn’t much on the Web about Vicky so I researched enerything remotely connected with her. This research led to more tha 3,000 pages of research.
I made folders on top of folders with information about the 30’s and women pilots of that era. I had no experience in research so I just threw everything into folders. For example, any time I found information about women pilots I put them in a folder called WOMEN. No order just WOMEN.
Now I am going back and dividing the folder into sub-folders with the womans name. Thebeginning reason for my blog was to acquaint the general public with women pioneer pilots. I found out that few knew any of these women. I decided I would write about Vicky but also other women pilots.
I made a presentation entitled Their’s More Than Amelìa. I will restart these presentations again and offer a product of index cards that will help the general public learn about these women. No one should only be know when they die. But that’s just what happened. I think it’s important that we know there’s more than Amelia.
Now I must get to the point of this post…I researched without any method. Now I am going back to the research and filling in the gaps. For example…growing up I learned that Vicky had a flying school in Juneau, Alaska. I found I formation that state Vicky’s address listed as General Delivery, Juneau, Alaska. Nothing more. Recently, I found on Ancestry.Com that Vicky was employed as a waitress in Juneau, Alaska. Again I know nothing more. I do know that Vicky and George did have a flying school in Alamada, California. I never wrote the Historical Society in Juneau.
Here comes my reason why the quantity of my posts are dropping. I have to do more research on many subjects. I want my posts to be as accurate as possible. I may be repeating some information as I fill in the blanks of Vick’s life. I am going through my research and putting it in a better order.
Why is this important to me? I want the facts accurate but I also want to know more about Vicky. The information in the suitcase is skimpy so I am trying to find more.
I hope that you all stay with me on my blog. I will try to post as quickly as I can. But, now you know the reason I don’t post as frequently as before.
Stay with me and I promise a log with stories that will fascinate you. Stories of lost love and intrigue. I will write stories that will entertain and surprise you.
I am going to surprise you now. After Vick’s flying days she became a Secret Service Detective on a train.
Vicky sure had an amazing life and one that I want to tell you.
If you aren’t following me now I’m sure you will click that follow button, and put in your email address and enjoy every new story I post.


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