Elinor Smiths Story

Phyllis R. Moses tells Elinor Smith’s Story

I want to publically thank Phyllis R. Moses for her article about Elinor Smith a pioneer pilot. She died 2 years ago and I just came across it as I prepare for a presentation about Ms. Smith. It is a very good article and shows that Elinor should be a household name more than Amelia. The article in the magazine American History in 2003, Vol 14 Issue 1 pp.30-60. It proved that the general public should be more aware of other women pilots than Amelia. In 1931 there were 474 women pilots unfortunately only one is known…Amelia Earhart.

Ms. Moses gives us an opportunity to know one the greatest pilots not women pilots but one of the best pilots period. If you are short on time at least read the Abstract of the article. It truly is a great article loaded with fascinating facts that will make you understand That There Are More Than Amelia.


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