Women Pilots in 1931

Women pilots

Clara Adams

Pancho Barnes

Martie Bowman

Katherine Cheung  calif

Eileen Church

Besisie Coleman

Marvel Crosso

Amelia Earhart

Ruth Elder

Marion Florsheim

Edith Foltz Stearns

Viola Gentry

Inez Gibson

Edna Gardner Whyte

Lady Mary Heath

Mae Haizlip

Nancy Hopkins

Laura ingalls

Florence Klingensmith

Opal Kunz

Ruth Law

Frances Marsales

Jessie ” chubbie” Miller

Edna Newcomer


Ruth Nichols

Anne Noggles

Gladys O’Donnell

Phoebe Fairgrave Omlie

Bessica Raische


Helen Richey

Blanche Scott

Dolly Shepherd

Katnerine Stinson

Anita Snook

Louise Thaden

Bobbie Trout

Vera Dawn Walker

Faye Wells

Mary von Mach

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