More Research About Vicky

Untitled documentsuggestion to airline

Vicky wrote a letter to National Air Transport, Pacific Air Transport,

and Varney Air Lines. This a response to Vicky’s suggestion letter. I

guess she flew on one of these airlines. I wish that I had the original

letter. This letter is a reply from S.A. Stimpson, the Western Traffic


I guess she was suggesting better accommodations for a two passenger

plane. I know that certain planes were exclusively for air mail and some

for air mail and passengers. I think that this plane was for the latter.

I wish that I had the original letter and Vicky’s comment about

Stewardesses. Originally, Stewardesses were nurses to accommodate

frightened passengers.

The reason I included this letter in my post is to show how feisty

Vicky was. As Mr. Stimpson explained it’s rare that a passenger writes

an airline manager. It also shows the name of Varney Airlines. This is

the line hat Vicky’s partner George McClennen worked for. It was a

well-known airline in the San Francisco Bay area.

Alo the letter is addressed to Mrs. B. Hirschfield’s address in Chicago.

Ben Hirschfield was the husband of my Aunt Babe. I never met him. I

guess they were divorced before I was born. The letter was dated March

15, 1932. The letterhead was San Francisco. Sometimes if you look at a

document closely you will learn a lot more information than you


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