Do Women Form Any Opinions of Their Own?

Vicky sure had opinions of her own. It is hard to read this article from the Readers Digest but if you look at the image the women sure look positive. The article is from 1931 but unfortunately, I don’t have the entire article. I think that Vicky sure made up her mind to travel and learn to fly. She made these decisions by herself. Ward left her and she was determined to do what made her happy.

I think that I am the same way. I have learned that it is up to me to make my life the way I want. I decided that learning to work the computer and then write a blog were all of my decisions. No one made these choices for me. I found a niche that was right for me. I love what I do and do it well. Women should have their own opinions and make their own decisions. They shouldn’t wait for others to make that choice for them. I hope that you agree and start making your own decisions.

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