Is The Golden Age Positive or Negtive

Is the Golden Age Positive or Negative?                   1

I hear this question all the time. Then senior friends say “so this is the golden age.” Actually it is. We know so much more than ever. We know our mistakes and know that we have the ability to change. The golden years are really golden if you think of them with a clear mind not through sadness, regrets or fear.

I feel that the golden age is what you make it. I choose to make mine as positive as possible. So I try to stop  complaining and see my life in a different light. So stop complaining, moaning and groaning. We all have problems with health, finances, and relationships. Some people have more and some have less.  Change your thoughts, and you can change your life.  Look at your problems as challenges and lessons that can lead you to a better life. See the reality of your life but don’t perseverate on the negatives and then you may see that age is just a number. Then you can see that your years can be golden. Remember, smile, laugh, and laugh.

I know that I’m going to build a mountain till I reach the golden stairs.


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