The Shelton Hotel

wpid-hotel-shelton-exterior.jpg.jpegDuring the 30’s Vicky seemed to live in many different places.

While taking Flight Lessons at Curtiss-Wright at Roosevelt Field she stayed at the Roosevelt Field Hotel. I don’t know the dates but it must have been 1930 and 1931. She got her license in 1931.
She flipped back and forth from a Chicago hotel then my parents apartment.
After Ward walked out she lived at the Shelton Hotel in New York City.
This was a very famous hotel at the time. It opened in 1924.
It was located at 49th and Lexington I New York City. It was the hotel to stay at because of the amenities like a swimming pool, solarium, pool room squash courts and even an infirmary. It had 1200 rooms and was the tallest hotel in the world.
Th hotel was built by architect James T. Lee who was the grandfather of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.
A gallery surrounded the basement pool. it was the place that the escape artist, Harry Houdini performed a very dangerous trick. He was put into an air tight coffin like case and lowered to the bottom of the pool. This case had a telephone for emergencies. He was in this box for an hour and a half but survived after being submerged for such a long time.
The artist Georgia O’Keeffe and photographer Alfred Steglitz also lived at The Shelton for 12 years. Many of their pictures were taken looking out their hotel window.
In 1926 Pauline Armitage, a well-known actress lived at the Shelton until she jumped to her death from her 14th floor suite.
It was hard for me to determine the exact dates that Vicky stayed at the Shelton but it definitely was after Ward walked out on her.

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